Gallants' Charmander
Pokémon Information
Type(s): Fire
Gender: Male
Trainer: Gallantmon

Charmander is Gallants Partner.


Charmander is a brave, cunnning, energetic Pokémon with the will to never give up! He tends to walk outside of his Pokeballl with Gallant, only being in the item when first captured. Charmander never backs down from a fight. It tends to stduy the opponent, never making the first move. It is very smart and uses its weaknesses to its advantage.


Level 1 | 0 PPEdit

HP 39 | Attack 52 | Defence 43 | Special Atk 60 | Special Def 50 | Speed 65


Scratch | Accuracy 100% | Type: Normal | Physical

Growl | Accuracy 100%| Type: Normal | Status


Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type Category
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