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Desboy96 aka Des is a Pokémon Trainer.

Desboy Poke.png
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Des
Age: 15
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer


Des is a bold and fearless pokemon trainer of the Kanto league. He took an interest to the element of fire and immediatly fell in love with the idea of being Charmander's pokemon trainer. Besides being a fearlesss pokemon trainer he is also very stubborn and wants to change the world of master and pet to being parteners with pokemon for life.


Des is a tall 15 year old boy with brown hair and brown eyes. His hair is mid length but mostly hidden under his hat. On his hat he wears his signature goggles which he actually rarely ever puts on. On his torso he wears a pale gold shirt with his own insignia under a maroon colored over shirt. He also wears gloves that seem to match his headwear. Des wears brown/gray shorts with long socks and yellow red shoes that match his shirts.

Pokemon Journey

Des started out his Pokémon Journey by recieving his Charmander and instantly bonding there personalities and training to move as one cohesive unit. He was then challenged by TyphlosionMaster where Des lost due to his incompetence for Charmander's energy reserves, Des learned from his mistakes and learned to look out for his partener. The two head out on there first Pokémon travel session and run into a wild Wailmer that dominates them due to its Attribute advantage although he was tricked to training at sea. He then traveled on route one where he easily defeated a wild Rattata. Des soon leaned that he was being followed by a fellow trainer named Titi, Des then challenged him to the most fierce battle thus far in Des' journey. Desboy and Charmander finnaly came out ontop with an uppercut scratch known now as the Des and Charmander Special!



PokeCoins: 100