Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: D
Age: 24


Destruction who is also known as " D ", has a sinister nature, who uses foul play and devious tactics to defeat his opponents. Fair game isnt something that speaks to D as he believes it's necessary to defeat his opponent at all cost, this often turns into a game of cat and mouse where Ds Pokémon just plays with its opponent.


D is a tall and skinny character with white, semi long hair. He allways walks around with a grin on his face and has a deep voice. He allmost exclusively carries a long black coat and rarely speaks to strangers. People say he is hard to read and there's a bit of mystery about him, as noone really knows where he's from, how old he is and what his real name is.

Pokemon Journey

Career Journey

D started his career as he signed up to be an agent of Team Galactic.


PokeCoins: 142 PC

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