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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Pharoah
Age: 16
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Gallantmon is a Mega leveled Digimon currently serving as one of the leaders of Divineland. He is excellent at Children's Trading Card Games, magical spinning tops war, and best of all Pokemon. Before all this, he was the Ancient Pharoah of Egypt in the year 3000 B.C.

Gallantmon is 5ft 8inc (not counting his 2ft hair.) He wears clothes of the ancient egyptians with his signature Dhia Darak on his right arm. He has a mystical puzzle around his neck and wears an acient crown with the eye of widjat. He is bold, brave and cunning. He strategizes all his moves and plans out everything before actually doing it. When his Pokemon aren't battling, they reside with him in The Dominion of the Beasts


On Journey

Picture Details
Gchar.gif Charmander:

Charmander is Gallants partner and #1 Pokemon. Charmander is Bold, Brave, and Smart. Charmander is currently a rookie, but aspires to evolve into Charizard and compete in the Indigo Legaue

At Gym

Picture Details
Gcharizard.png Charizard: Charizard is a courages pokemon. He loves to battle and tends to always start a fight Charizard uses its wings to its advantage and tends to attack from above.

Blast Burn, Heat Wave, Inferno, Flamethrower

Gmeg.png Meganium: Meganium is a joyous pokemon. She loves a good fight and will strike when least expected. Although she doesn't know vine whip, she can still use the vines in her body to jump and avoid attacks
Frenzy Plant, Energy Ball, Earthquake, Leaf Storm
Gswamp.png Moves:
Hydro Canon, Muddy Water, Avalanche, Scald
Gzoroa.jpg Moves:
Night Daze, Foul Play, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse
Ggal.png Moves:
Electro Ball, Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, X-Scissor
Gdrag.png Moves:
Aerial Ace, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Hurricane