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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: joe man
Age: 13
Friends: none yet.
Enemies: bad trainers and evil
Hair: Black with some grey
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Joe is a courageous and strong pokemon trainer from the Johto Region who set out to become the best in the world.


He is a normal average height 13 year old. He is not too skinny but not too fat either he is a just right wieght. Joe is a very well dressed boy. He wears a black shirt and vest too show off his muscles. He also wheres a a grey pair of jean like pants with black and red and grey jordan sneakers. He finishes his appearence with a white scarf and a serious face mood.


Joe is a average 13 year old with a serious attitude. He is a very serious and funny trainer. When in battle he becomes as serious as a boxer about to go for a knock out. After a battle Joe is very energetic acting like he could battle forever. Joe loves his pokemon like their his own family, if someone hurts them he will go berserk on him like there is no tomorrow.

Pokemon Journey:

Started but no pokemon yet.