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Kaiden McAllister is a 13 year old that is just starting his journey with his partner,Piplup.He was born in Snowpoint but moved to Twinleaf Town at a young age.He has a unique ability to hear Pokemons thoughts and heal them with his touch,though he only does this out of battle.He comes from a family that serves as the Guardians of Snowpoint Temple.

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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: LeoneMaster
Age: 13
Friends: none
Enemies: Team Galactic
Hair: white
Occupation: Sinnoh Trainer


Kaiden was born within Snowpoint Temple,he was then imprinted with the Guardians Mark,a symbol givin to future Guardians of Regigigas that gives Guardians the ability to comunicate with and heal Pokemon.he was forced to leave his duty as a Guardian when Regigigas broke free of the temple and went on a rampage,He was able to calm Regigigas with his powers,but with his home in ruins,he sought off to Twinleaf Town to become a strong enough trainer to defeat Regigigas if it were to ever go on a rampage again.


Kaiden is a rather quiet person,he is also shy and stubborn.But when it comes too protecting his friends it's like he is an entirely different person.