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This page is about your PokéGear and what you can buy to aid your Pokémons in Battle.

There are everything from Items to boost your Pokémon abilities to PokéBalls to catch new Pokémon in the wild! These Items you buy with your PokéCoins, which you earn from beating wild Pokémon, defeating other Trainers or challenging City Gym Trainers.


Name Description Price
Pokéball (A Standard Pokéball) 100 PC
Great Ball (A Slightly Better Pokéball) 300 PC
Ultra Ball (A Great Pokéball) 600 PC
Master Ball (The Best There Is) Rewarded
Safari Ball (Special Event Use Only) Special
Level Ball
Lure Ball
Moon Ball
Friend Ball
Love Ball
Heavy Ball
Fast Ball
Sport Ball
Premier Ball
Repeat Ball
Timer Ball
Nest Ball
Net Ball
Dive Ball
Luxury Ball
Heal Ball
Quick Ball
Dusk Ball
Cherish Ball
Park Ball
Dream Ball


Image Item Price
PokeNav.png PokeNav
Xtransceiver.png Xtransceiver
POKGEA~1.png PokeGear
C-Gear.png C-Gear
Poketch.png Poketch
Region Maps.png Region Maps