Torchic is the starter Pokemon of Pinklilac.

Pink's Torchic
Torchic 3
Pokémon Information
Type(s): Fire
Gender: Female
Trainer: Pinklilac
Evolves into: Combusken


Torchic is a confident and tough Pokemon who seems to believe in itself. During battle, it is willing to go through anything in order to achieve its goal, whether it likes it or not. Out of battle, Torchic is a reserved one, not mingling with most so well.


Level 1 | 0 PPEdit

HP 45 | Attack 60 | Defense 40 | Special Atk 70 | Special Def 50 | Speed 45


Scratch | Accuracy 100% | Type: Normal | Physical

Growl | Accuracy 100%| Type: Normal | Status

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