This Totodile is owned by Destruction87.

Destruction's Totodile
Pokémon Information
Gender: Male
Trainer: Destruction87
Evolves into: Crononaw


Totodile have a habit of biting anything they see, including their trainers. It is unwise to turn one's back on a Totodile. Totodile also have a genuine playfulness about them, they are always ready for a good laugh. There is a tough side to Totodile though, as they can quickly react to difficult situations in a battle and bounce back.


Level 5 | 563 PPEdit

HP 55 | Attack 70 | Defense 68 | Special Atk 48 | Special Def 50 | Speed 48


Scratch | Accuracy 100% | Type: Normal | Physical

Leer | Accuracy 100% | Type: Normal | Status

Signature MoveEdit


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